Saturday 4/23 & 5/7
Sunday 5/15
@ SeeSaw
Kamakura, Hase 2-1-14
土曜日クラス 4/23 & 5/7
日曜日クラス 5/15
10:0011:30 スローフローヨガ
SeeSaw 神奈川県鎌倉市長谷鎌倉市長谷2-1-14


Please reserve by email, there are limited spaces available.

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I am spending Winter 2016 in Australia, traveling and studying nutrition.
Kamakura Yoga classes will resume Spring 2016. See you in the spring......

私は勉強のためオーストラリアで今年の冬を過ごす予定です。 栄養カウンセリングのコースに申込み、勉強に集中する時間を持てることを楽しみにしています。春に日本に戻ったら栄養について学ぶクラスやお料理教室を計画しています。

Yoga by the Sea:スケジュール

Yoga is performed while watching the garden there taste of the four seasons in modern Sukiya architecture, you can experience a little bit different comfortably and studio yoga.

Yoshiya Nobuko Memorial House, Kamakura 
Slow Flow Yoga,  slow flow  yoga  

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Private or semi-private lessons
Private Semi-private lessons
"I want to receive more guidance during lessons. Want to learn the correct pose."
and "that's group lessons various questions were difficult."
and "because novice, and keep up that or anxiety in a group lesson."
Well, private lessons or, How is semi-private lessons together and invite your friends? Location even in your home, is also available in the rental space. Tailored to you, and offers you only lessons.

Relax & amp; Refresh  Relax & Rejuvenate
Custom Yoga Retreats / Kamakura Tours
Choose from a variety of options (food, sightseeing, biking, hiking, massage, etc.) to create a special retreat for you and your friends.

Customized yoga and REIT Kamakura tour
Meals, sightseeing, cycling, hiking, massage, etc., and a combination of rich plan to Variety, or you're just special retreat anyone? Even in one person, also join us with your friends OK ! (The time of your participation in the group, to a discount service your applicant) For more information, please contact us by mail or telephone.